Planar Magnetic Headphones


Today we’re looking at the Thror, the Planar magnetic reference headphone created by Kennerton Audio Equipment.

Disclaimer: This post is part of our Picture Sunday series, you can find all of the previous ones here.

Kennerton Audio Equipment

Kennerton as a luxury brand of Fischer Audio was founded by professionals with a single purpose – to provide its customers with high-end quality sound. Fischer Audio have been watching the evolution of the audio industry for a long time and noticed the decreasing amount of products that offer quality sound particularly the large number of fancy looking, low quality models made by famous brands. Fischer Audio is not willing to accept this. Their policy is that you pay for nothing more than the quality of sound.

KENNERTON is the pinnacle of sound offered in an integrated line of audio products from Fischer Audio brand. Fischer Audio engineers are making every effort to reveal the potential of each model and optimize every detail to find the best balance between price and quality – high quality sound at an affordable price is the fundamental principle of the company.

KENNERTON consists of only of the best models which have incorporated the most advanced technology, highest quality materials and the best service. These headphones are designed by audiophiles for audiophiles.

Kennertron Thror

A long time ago I reviewed the Kennerton Odin which at that time was the flagship model of the Russian brand. You can find that review here:

Now Kennerton is back with an even more improved version of that headphone, and they have named it Thror. No, we’re not talking about Tolkien’s dwarves but about e newest reference headphone from Kennerton. You can find the Thror product page here:

Thror, like Odin, is available in different types of wood and depending on the wood chose, the price can increase all the way up to $3,986USD for the exotic Stabilized version. The version we have received is the Palisander one, and that unit will set you back 2,835€ or $3,195USD.

So Thror is Odin’s successor and it has a new, higher class and better performing driver. The new driver is made of high-tech materials and includes a new patented membrane, which delivers better resolution, extraordinary tonal balance and a perfect sound scene. In addition Kennerton fixed the main Odin’s issues – the weight. Thror is much lighter – 480 gr vs. Odin’s 680gr. The new model also has a new, more comfortable headband and a high class cable.

Thror Specifications

Driver Type: Planar Magnetic

Driver Unit: 80 mm

Frequency Response: 10-55000 Hz

Sensitivity: 100 dB

Impedance: 42 Ohm

Cord length: 2 m detachable copper cable (6.3 mm)

Weight: 480 g

Thror Sound

Even though Odin sounds really good, I was immediately hooked to Thror when I heard it for the first time at a show. Thror takes the best things of Odin, improves them and it does all that by clearing up the spectrum from top to bottom.

Thror sounds more balanced, linear and thus reference aka audiophile. The new Thror will please the most critical audiophiles as the detail level, precision, transparency and sound stage are really impressive.

Thror sounds powerful and fast, especially when hooked to to a powerful amplifier, and that way it is always in control with excellent prat. For me a a high end amplifier and source is absolutely necessary to get the very best out of Thror, as only then it will show you what it really can do.

I’ve been using the very powerful Auris Audio Nirvana as main tube amp with this headphone and the Flux Lab Acoustics Atlas as solid state DAC/AMP. Thror sounds gorgeous with both amplifiers but it also sounds different. Thror is transparent and you will for sure hear your source and amps characteristics in it when you’re listening to it. But one thing is for sure, Thror loves power!

The full Thror review will be published on over the next few months, with a sound section that will be a lot more detailed . We’ll also be describing its sound in combination with a whole series of tube and solid state amps and of course we’ll be comparing it to the other flagships.

Stay tuned!


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