Update on the Kennerton deliveries

Kennerton always stayed out of politics business, but this time politics does not stay out our business. As you might know we are in a uneasy situation – countries closed skies for Russian airplanes as a measure of sanctions against Russian Federation. Nevertheless, we have found an option due to TNT worldwide delivery service having an option by land. As the sanctions hurt both sides of the table, the price of delivery had increased for a minimum of 150%, and the usual minimal cost today is 95 EUR. We are trying to find any better options for our deliveries, but this one is the best so far. Also, the delivery time will be slightly longer and those are stated to be 5-11 days.

Due to closed skies, the delivery time will be much longer for the ‘Russian Post’ postal deliveries for sure. The good news is that postal deliveries cost significantly lower than courier services, but how much longer will those take – we do not know and they don’t either. During the global pandemics, the postal delivery time could’ve easily reach 21-60 days.

Everyone works in the situation here and now. If there will be any changes we will inform you immediately.
Thank you for your patience!