ECL-02 brown

Ear cushions are hand-made from soft leather from a remote highland region in Northern Caucasus
An increase in the mid-base and sub-base


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Kennerton ECL-02

105mm Leather Cushions.

Kennerton ECL-02 padded ear cushions come as a pair and are hand-made from soft from a remote highland region in Nothern Caucasus.

All spares are genuine Kennerton products and match the quality and craftsmanship that embodies Kennerton.


  • Good softness
  • Circumaural cushion design.
  • An increase in the mid-base and sub-base.
  • On most headphones you can expect deeper and clearer bass with improved thump, better soundstage and air.
  • Genuine leather will not crack or wear as easily, as a conventional leatherette, providing you a long-lasting phenomenal audio experience.
  • Ear cushion angled geometry places headphone driver at the optimum distance and angle to the ear, improves soundstage, imaging, and musical coherence.

Black 105mm headphone circular ear pads with 60mm opening . Package includes : 1 pair of 105mm diameter ear pads. Fits headphones with circular housing and diameter about 100-105mm.

Compatible with:

  • Kennerton Odin
  • Kennerton Thridi
  • Kennerton Thror
  • Kennerton Thekk
  • Kennerton Vali new
  • Stax 007MK2
  • HiFiMAN HE 6/ HE-560/ HE5 / HE-500/ HE4/ HE-400
  • Fostex T50RP/ T50RPMK2 /T40RP/ T20RP/ T20RPMK2
  • Telefunken AUDION/ Telefunken AQUSTA
  • Denon AH-D2000/ AH-D5000/ AH-D7000
  • Beyerdynamic DT440/ DT660/ DT660/ DT770 Pro/ DT770 Premium/HiFi version/ DT770 Headzone version/ DT880/ DT880 Pro/ DT990/ DT990 Pro/ MMX300/ DT511/ DT801/ DT831/ DT901.
  • AKG K240/ K271
  • Sennheiser HD 250