Limited Headphones

Why high-end Kennerton headphones are for those who appreciate the exceptional and beautiful?

The reasons to buy Kennerton Workshop Special Edition products for your Audiophile Path:

1. Identity

An exclusive headphone set can be as versatile as the person using it. As a collector’s item for the connoisseur, as utility with high symbolic value, as a piece of nature found its way in your everyday life

– those are far more than instruments that reproduce music.

2. Perfection

Perfection is like the holy grail for designing and crafting. Every manufacturer dreams of creating headphones, which reproduce the sound indistinguishable from the original. No manufacturer can ever reach it entirely, but we will always seek it with endless commitment. Not only from a measurement standpoint, but from also regarding its aesthetics and quality of manufacturing, is the pursuit of perfection one of the key reasons to buy one of the luxury items.

3. Craftsmanship

We believe that in the audiophile communities, the headphones does not get any value from the celebrities who endorse it or even from the brand name itself. Headphones grow in value from the quality and the detail of craftsmanship, which creates those. How much of it is handcrafted or designed using true ingenuity and thoughts. For example, to take only one part of our headphones, the wooden cups are hand-polished with the warmth of human hands. Futhermore, we cover the wood with the best Eco-friendly protective oils used in restoration of antique furniture and painting frames. As a result, you will see and feel by touch the texture and the mood of natural wood.

4. Luxury

Luxury line headphones are simply stunning. It is just a great feeling to own absolutely unique and magnificent piece of art which only you can afford!

5. Emotion

Those can be pieces of exceptional beauty and are also attached with emotions, as is with you in good times and bad. As a long time companion each model adds a little bit of a tint to the music and thus has its own character. Like you…

6. Exclusiveness

There is no doubt that it is desirable to own something special that distinguishes you from most other people. There is no doubt that exclusiveness is about identity. For most Headphone enthusiasts, the motivation of owning something rare and unique primarily arises from the mere awareness of owning something exceptional, rather than paying attention to what others might think.

Your custom orders are welcome!

You choose from a variety of wood types, or suggest any wood, color and type of leather of the headband and cushions before crafting. There could be different engraving options – your name, your favorite band logo, etc…

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