Question What is the difference between our planar magnetic headphones?
AnswerAll of our planar headphones have different drivers and acoustic designs!
The headphones though differ by weight – the lightest is Thekk following by Wodan and Thror.
If you want the largest scene and dark sounding – the go-to model is Thekk, if you are looking for plain analytical sounding – it is Thror, and Wodan have more airy bright sounding compared to Thror.
Question Do I have to pay customs fees and taxes when receiving the product in the country of residence?
AnswerYes, you have to pay customs fees and import taxes according to your country rules.
When you buy an item on the internet from a country other than where you live, the item must be “imported” to you from that country. The value varies depending on the country.
These fees will have to be paid when the item is delivered or received at the post office.
Question Does different type of wood of the cups affect the sound?
AnswerNo, there is no significant influence upon the sound, particularly with the open-type headphones. So please select the wood type only by your esthetic preferences.
Question Do you sell B-Stock?
AnswerYes, we do sell B-Stock products when such occasion arises. All such models are absolutely fine by sound but have some minor defects of the hardware, former samples or models no longer in production.
Question What is burn-in time? Do I need to do it?
AnswerThe standard burn-in time is 80-100 hours – you will certainly get the best of your headphones after this burn-in period.
Question Can I have a customized pair of headphones – can I order the leather color and the wood type according to my preferences?
AnswerWe do not do this in our standard process but if you apply to our Special Edition section, you can preorder the leather and wood color and we shall build it specially for you (provided it is possible). The price of such customized headphones will be higher than normal.
Question Where are Kennerton headphones produced?
AnswerAll Kennerton products are handcrafted in our St. Petersburg workshop by Kennerton Audio Equipment team.